Revealed: These are the 10 most popular Irish baby names OUTSIDE of Ireland 1 year ago

Revealed: These are the 10 most popular Irish baby names OUTSIDE of Ireland

Irish baby names are as popular as ever back here on the Emerald Isle.

But did you know that our gorgeous monikers are also making waves abroad. It's true –  mums and dads across the globe are bestowing Gaelic names on their tots – and we could not love that that they are loving our names more.

As for what names they are going for – here are 10 Irish baby names that are becoming popular outside of Ireland:

1. Liam

Ah, good aul' Liam. Not only is this name becoming seriously popular among Scandinavian parents, it was last year the second most-popular boys’ name in the US, coming in behind only Jackson.

2. Aidan

Also very popuar now for American parents to bestow upon their baby boys.

3. Connor

Another good Irish names that US mums and dads have taken a liking to.  Also very trendy in Australia and Canada, apparently.


4. Riley

An Irish surename that is now frequently given to little American girls.

5. Quinn

Rising in popularity across many english-speaking countries.

6. Finn

Just another one of our fine names now being given to boys across the globe.

7. Kaitlyn

American form of the Irish Caitlín (Irish version of Catherine) and popular in the US.

8. Saoirse

They don't really know how to pronounce it, but American parents are clambring to use this moniker, much due to the rise of Soairse Ronan's star.

9. Erin

This poetic name for Ireland is not much used here at home as an actual name, but is none the less popular in other countries.

10. Brady

Brady is an Anglicization of the Irish surname Ó Bradaigh and a popular choice for boys in many English-speaking countries.