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17th Aug 2017

Scientists think they’ve discovered the ideal age to get pregnant

Not what we were expecting.
age to get pregnant

Everyone’s got their own ideal age they’d like to start having children.

For a few, it’s their early 20s. For others, it’s their 30s. For some, it’s never.

Well, the guys over at the University of California have only gone and discovered the optimum age to get pregnant.

Or so they say.

According to their research, having a baby after the age of 35 is actually ideal.

The study says that this not only improves the mental capacity of the mother, but can also increase her life expectancy.

age to get pregnant

As part of the study, over 800 women who had recently given birth engaged in a series of tests relating to visual perception, memory, organisation, and concentration.

Those who had their first babies after the age of 24 performed better in problem solving tests, but those who had their last baby after the age of 35 displayed better verbal memory and cognition skills.

This is thought to be because oestrogen increases during pregnancy.

As well as this, the older a woman is when she becomes pregnant, the more the increased hormone will affect her brain function.

Very good news if you’re in your 30s and only decided you wanted a baby recently.