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Baby names

06th Aug 2022

Second thoughts: Parents reveal the names they most regret giving their children

Trine Jensen-Burke

baby name regret

It’s a monumental decision.

Some of us have baby names picked long before we even have two lines appear on the pregnancy test. Others take days – some even weeks – after the baby has arrived to decide on their moniker.

And some even pick one name first, only to change their mind later (we’re looking at you, Kylie Jenner!).

However – what about the parents who name their baby something they love then and there – only to end up regretting it down the line?

According to a survey by a whopping 73 per cent of those surveyed said they’d thought of better names after naming their child.

5,842 parents were polled to reveal their biggest baby name regrets, and the ones they’d never choose, and apparently, as many as 30 percent confessed that they hadn’t given it enough thought beforehand, and 64 percent said that their child’s name ‘didn’t suit them’.

Biggest regrets

According to the parents polled, the biggest baby name regret was Hunter, with 32 percent of parents wishing they hadn’t gone with that one.

This was followed by Jaxon (29 percent), Carter (28 percent) and Tobias (25 percent).

For girls, parents admitted they regretted choosing Aurora (35 percent), Arabella (32 percent), Lyla (28 percent), Amber (27 per ent) and Edith (24 percent) for their little ones.

The biggest reason was the name not suiting their child, followed by their partner picking it (48 percent).

Their friend picking the same name (37 per cent) was another concern, followed by children getting teased for their name at school (32 per cent).

And finally, 26 per cent parents admitted to regretting their child’s name if a celebrity went with the same one.

As well as names they regretted, parents were also polled about the names they would never go for.

Unsurprisingly, names like Boris (76 percent) and Donald (62 percent) took the top spots because of their political connections.

A whopping 83 percent admitted they would never call their baby girl Karen, based on the trend of calling out ‘Karens’ as an insult (used mostly towards middle-aged white women who moan and complain and are acting entitled).

Oh, and 61 percent revealed they would avoid the name Meghan, due to the Duchess of Sussex sharing the same moniker.