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01st Apr 2021

Selling Sunet’s Christine Quinn will raise her child gender neutral and as a ‘fashionista’

Niamh Maher

“People put too much emphasis on male or female.”

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn has revealed she’ll be raising her firstborn child gender-neutral. The 32-year-old reality TV star has opened up about becoming a parent for the first time with husband Christian Richard, saying they’re “super excited” for the adventure ahead.

In a recent interview with OK! magazine, Christine revealed that there won’t be an emphasis on gender in their household and that the pair have already picked out some “pretty universal” names, “Obviously, when the little angel comes out we will know what he or she is and we’re sticking to a group of names that are pretty universal and really not putting too much emphasis on gender.”

Christine added that they’ll have discussions around gender when the child is older saying, “Regardless, if they’re a boy or a girl our nursery is still neutral and it will remain that way until we have further discussions when the child is older. I just think people put too much emphasis on male or female, and in the world these days there is so much more to that and more important things.”

Christine is certain of one thing, the baby will be a “fashionista” and she hopes to film the entire birthing process, potentially for the upcoming seasons of Selling Sunset.

The hit TV show that follows a group of brokers selling million-dollar mansions in Los Angeles was officially greenlit for two more seasons earlier this month, so will we be seeing the little fashionista on our screens soon? Christine said it’s certainly a possibility, “Obviously two parents are involved, so I have to see if my husband is on board with it. I would love to share the experience if I could,” she said. “If I can have someone watch the show and be inspired to be a mother or realise it’s empowering, that’s really where I’m coming from.”