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14th Mar 2021

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn says she is ‘definitely open to giving birth on screen’

Trine Jensen-Burke

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn

If Kourtney Kardashian can do it, Christine Quinn can no doubt do it too.

We are talking about giving birth in front of the reality TV cameras – and the Selling Sunset star, who is expecting her first baby with husband, Christian Richard, recently opened up about filming the next season of the Netflix show when pregnant.

Speaking to Grazie, Quinn says of her pregnancy so far:

“My first trimester I was super energized. Right now I’m at the point where I’m getting tired and I hate that for myself because I love working out, I love exercising, but I find myself sleeping more than I ever have. But I’m listening to my body and what it needs, and right now it needs sleep so I’m just taking advantage of it because I know when the baby comes I’m not going to be getting much sleep.”

On keeping her pregnancy a secret for a long time due to lockdown, Quinn admits she wanted to wait until she was showing properly to make an announcement.