The Síle Seoige pregnancy diary: the countdown is officially on 5 years ago

The Síle Seoige pregnancy diary: the countdown is officially on

The countdown is on and we’re feeling excited!

Sile Seoige pregnancy diary

For me, these past nine months have gone by very fast and it’s dawning on me more with each day that in a few short weeks the tiny human snuggled up in my belly will be in our lives. It really is mind blowing at times to get your head around that, but anytime I start to feel anxious or overwhelmed I simply take a moment to breathe and swap the nervousness for excitement - it seems to work.

Baby’s movements are very obvious now, the ripples move across my tummy like a wave. Although it may seem bizarre to some, it’s an incredibly comforting sign that baby is doing well and I love it.

I am starting to struggle a bit more now though, between the broken sleep, lower back ache, the hunger pangs, the swelling, the waddling, the overall discomfort; it’s all getting that bit harder now and I am finding I have to nap occasionally just to get through the day. My balance is certainly off at this stage too and I find I am extra careful as I move around, especially going down the stairs, stepping into the shower, or when I’m at the pool.

My hands are also tingling a good bit these days, it can be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, that you’re not getting enough blood circulating due to swelling, or that a nerve is being compressed. I’m definitely going to mention it next week at my check up, to be on the safe side. I shortened my nails this week too, thinking it would be more ‘practical’ as I will soon be a mama but the truth is they simply made my already pudgy fingers, look even pudgier...

Sile Seoige pregnancy diary

On the plus side, I’ve noticed that I am losing a lot less hair in the shower these days and my hair is growing at super-sonic speed.

What to watch out for...


Mood Swings

Severe bouts of tiredness have crept back in, especially due to the fact that I am struggling to sleep at night and as a result emotions are heightened. There have been tears and I sometimes feel cranky for no apparent reason. So, if you feel yourself getting annoyed or feeling stressed; simply pause, breathe and let yourself know all is OK. You’ll feel better if you do. That, or eat something, ideally chocolate.


Pregnancy can be a time of massive personal empowerment but it can also be a time of huge insecurity in many aspects of your life. The sense of responsibility that dawns on you more and more with each day - that this little baby will depend on you completely and utterly. That your body is no longer your own.

Relationships in your life can change; you see less of some people and more of others. Maybe it’s to do with the fact that you are going out less, not drinking and simply stepping into a different stage in your life but paranoia can set in, "they don’t want to spend time with me now that I’m pregnant" or "I haven’t seen such-and-such in months." Stop! Don’t take it personally, accept that change is inevitable and don’t over think. All is good, just let it go and those who are meant to be in your life, will be. It’s worth reading a brilliant book from Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz (if you haven’t already) called The Four Agreements. Its message is simple but profound.

Sile Seoige pregnancy diary


I struggle to make up my mind at the best of times but my indecisiveness has multiplied in pregnancy. The trickiest of all to answer is when himself asks…"What do you want to eat?" Cue complete meltdown.

Before I go, make sure that there’s plenty of diesel/petrol in the car from now on as who knows when baba will arrive... That reminds me, my tank is a bit on the low side, eek!

Until next week.

Big love, 
Síle xxx

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