The Sile Seoige diary: No one told me about being pregnant in this heat! 6 years ago

The Sile Seoige diary: No one told me about being pregnant in this heat!

Friends with kids had told me how they suffered in the heat when they were pregnant... but I hadn’t realised how much it would impact on me until the temperatures rose this week. 

Sweaty thighs have only added to the waddle that’s starting to creep in and I’ve fantasised about lying in a bath of ice. What am I going to be like over the next 10 weeks!? 

I was in the Coombe for a number of tests and I was also given the Anti-D injection as my blood is rhesus negative. If you’re rhesus negative, you're advised to have the Anti-D in case your baby has a positive rhesus status as this will mean there's a mismatch between your rhesus status and your baby's rhesus status.  

When your body detects your baby's blood, it will treat it as a foreign invader. Your immune system will produce antibodies to destroy blood from your baby that it finds in your circulation. Scary stuff! But thankfully a simple injection is all you need to stop that from happening and put your mind at ease.   
We also had our first antenatal class this week and we heard what we should and shouldn’t bring to hospital. Cathy the midwife told us to ‘Pack for a Ryanair flight! I’ll have to start thinking about it soon especially as packing light is NOT my forte. 
I’ve noticed that I’m feeling extra hungry at the moment; late at night and as soon as I wake in the morning and my love of fruit is back with a bang, I can’t get enough of it! 


And the comments regarding gender are still been given…’you’re definitely carrying a girl! Oh it’s a boy alright! People are gas! 

5 perks of pregnancy...

1) Baby kicks 
Baby kicks are simply magic (even if they keep me awake at night!) It’s so reassuring to feel them and know baby is thriving and they only deepen the connection that’s already there. 
2) Guilt-free napping and pampering 
Sleep is actively encouraged so take rest whenever you can. And enjoy something as simple as a foot soak or as luxurious as a massage. What’s good for you, is good for baby.  
3) Letting it all hang out 
For once, you don’t have to suck your tummy in... and it’s liberating! Watching your belly expand and knowing that there’s a little person inside growing by the day is truly amazing. I absolutely love my bump, it’s such a special time and one I am incredibly thankful for. 
4) Beautiful boobs 
Despite the fact that your nipples may be widening and darkening, your cleavage has never looked as good. So pack away the Wonderbra and embrace the wonder of nature! 
5) Maternity clothes 
I never want to wear ‘normal’ jeans or leggings again! The stretchy, soft material that comes up over your bump is insanely comfy. They’ll definitely be pulled out again over the Christmas.

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