The Sile Seoige pregnancy diary: 'My toes are pudgy and I have cankles!' 6 years ago

The Sile Seoige pregnancy diary: 'My toes are pudgy and I have cankles!'

Pregnancy is great craic! Well, most of the time...

It goes without saying that it’s a privilege and I’m over the moon to be expecting... but can also be challenging.

Yes, my skin is clear of spots (which is very welcome indeed) but despite my ‘factor 50 all year round’ rule, it looks like I’ve been lying out in the sun: I’m also plastered in freckles.

It seems like everything in my body has widened and darkened: my lips are plump (I’m not complaining) as is the rest of me (not so happy about that!) and my cheeks are flushed.

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I was feeling weepy again recently as I have been throughout my pregnancy. Anything to do with babies will have me in floods. During the week, my partner said ‘can you imagine when our baby is placed on your chest?’ and I just bawled in response!

I’ve had to have the odd daytime nap again in the last few days; tiredness seems to be creeping back in. It's probably due to the fact that I am struggling to sleep at night as the baby’s kicks are getting stronger and they wake me up. Plus I’m finding it more and more difficult to get comfy in the bed at night.

And my growing bump means it’s beginning to become a struggle to tie my shoelaces and shave my legs. The joys!


So what I’ve learnt and am continuing to learn is that every day is different and poses it’s own challenges. I take it a day at a time. Trying to follow the many do’s and don’ts of pregnancy that you find online or in books could end up stressing you out unnecessarily. And if like me, you can feel that you’re running out of time and feel completely underprepared, simply breathe and go with the flow.

Being as relaxed as you can be, will benefit you and your baby. Simply trust that all is happening as it should. All is good!

What I've learnt this week:

1) Let go of other people’s opinions

I have found that I am more sensitive and reactive to the comments of others during my pregnancy. I suppose because I am feeling more vulnerable about my changing body and as a result I have given too much energy to the feedback of others. Regardless what you’re told: "You’re so neat, you’re huge..." both have been said to me.

Take it all - the good and the not-so-good - with a pinch of salt. And anyway, what others think of you is none of their business. Simply look after yourself and be kind. All pregnancies and all women are unique.

2) Cankles and balloon face

I’ve noticed that my toes have becoming pudgier and that my once slender ankles have turned into cankles. I’ve had to go up a size in shoes as most of mine are now tight on me.

I bought a pair of wedges this week as heels are starting to look silly on me with my ever growing bump; and they were two sizes bigger than I would normally wear. TWO SIZES! Oh dear, will this expansion continue?! I was told that I am retaining a lot of water which is causing the swelling so fingers crossed I’m a little less balloon face after baby is born.

3) Night time ritual

It’s never taken me as long to get into bed! I take off the makeup, have a shower and lather myself in body lotion or oil. My skin is drinking up moisture. I look like a greasy chip most nights but hey, if it helps to keep the skin supple and might even prevent stretch marks, I’ll keep doing it.

Next week I’ll sharing my struggles in the rising temperatures; in the meantime, sending cooling vibes!
Síle xxx