The Sile Seoige pregnancy diary: 'Week 28... I forget how much I've expanded!' 6 years ago

The Sile Seoige pregnancy diary: 'Week 28... I forget how much I've expanded!'

It’s week 28 and I can’t believe how quickly the time is going.

As a friend highlighted during the week, I’ll soon be into single digits. Eek! Is it normal to feel you have nothing done and so much yet to do?! Birth prep, house prep, baby prep: it can all feel totally overwhelming at times.

I wasn’t sure if the nesting effect would kick in, but this week in particular, it certainly did. As a former hoarder I have been amazed at how easy it has been to get rid of stuff. Although, occasionally I still do fall off the wagon – as evident when I popped out to IKEA during the week to pick up a ‘few things’ and left with an overflowing trolley!

I attended a breastfeeding class this week too. It still feels surreal; at one stage I looked around the room at all these gorgeous mommas-to-be admiringly… almost forgetting that I too was pregnant!

The class was informative but there is a lot to take in. The midwife let us know that: “Baby will feed between four to six times a day in the first few days, and there should no longer than four to five hours between feeds.” Whoa! The realisation that I will soon be a mother is dawning on me more and more as the days roll on.

Last weekend, I went to the Make A Wish Ireland Crystal Ball and it was a very special night. It's such a wonderful charity and I'm honoured to be one of its Irish ambassadors.

The money raised on the night will go a long way to granting wishes to much deserving kids and it was great to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while, especially spending time with the gorgeous Lucy Kennedy and her equally lovely sister, Anna.


Luckily I wasn’t tired and managed to stay up late, chatting, laughing… and I even danced for a while too.

What I’ve learnt this week:

1) Leg cramps and restless legs

There are a number of things you can try to help ease the discomfort of leg cramps and restless legs; exercise like yoga and walking can be of benefit as can drinking plenty of water.  Taking calcium and magnesium supplements at this stage of pregnancy may help too as a pregnant woman's need for vitamins and minerals goes up in the third trimester when the baby's skeleton is rapidly developing. Good for baby and good for momma! Wearing compression/flight socks and applying a cooling mint gel along with a foot rub could also help a bit too. I often combine all of the above.

2) Bump navigation

My clumsiness has increased due to the changes in my centre of gravity. And I find that car parks and door handles prove tricky; I often forget how much I have expanded! Leaving or entering rooms can sometimes be awkward and getting through car parking spaces can be a lil’on the snug side.

3) Pelvic floor exercises

I’m crap at remembering to do them but all my friends with kids tell me how important they are, especially after baby is born. So… deep breath and on the exhale, clench!

See you next week for my 29 week update.

Síle xxx