The Strangest Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy 7 years ago

The Strangest Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy

We’ve heard plenty of old wives’ tales regarding the sex of the baby but most of those were semi-believable… well, they were fun at least.

But there are some old wives’ tales regarding pregnancy that are just so out there that we can’t even imagine how someone came up with them.

Here are just a few:

See something ugly, have an ugly baby

Yes, it is ridiculous (because all babies are gorgeous) but this is apparently a traditional Hispanic belief. Thankfully, genes (not what you see) determines what your child will look like.


Breastfeeding prevents pregnancy

Yes, it is true that most women who breastfeed have little or no periods but no, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t ovulating and can’t get pregnant again. In other words, don’t rely on breastfeeding as a natural form of birth control.


Heartburn signifies hair

Yes, it is apparently said that women who experience heartburn during pregnancy will end up welcoming a hairy baby. While both are common occurrences, the two aren’t scientifically linked.


Don’t lift your arms above your head

While you shouldn’t do anything too strenuous when pregnant, such as heavy lifting, putting your hands above your head will not harm the baby.

Dreams can't come true

There are a lot of different theories including that if you dream that you’re having a girl, it’ll be a boy (and vice versa). While it could well be true for you, it seems that it's probably just a coincidence!