The Style Fairy goes home after giving birth - but she’s had to leave her baby 2 years ago

The Style Fairy goes home after giving birth - but she’s had to leave her baby

"My heart is broken."

The Style Fairy's Naomi Clarke has told of her heartbreak at not being able to bring home her newborn daughter, who was born prematurely.

The mum shared how her "heart has broken so many times" in the last week, but she knew her "little champ" would be okay.

She also posted a photo of her little girl, who is 5-days-old, with the newborn's hand wrapped around her index finger.

Her post began:

"Today our precious baby is 5 days old. Today I left the hospital but she did not, she must stay in intensive care.

"My heart is broken. Today I should be 37 weeks pregnant and our gorgeous baby should still be happily snuggled up inside me.

"My heart has broken so many times in the past week but walking out those doors today and leaving her behind me has crushed me the most. It is the most cruel and unnatural thing in the world."

Ms Clarke went on to say that she knows her daughter will be ok and "time will heal all".

She continued:

"Time will heal all and she WILL be ok, I know this, and we are so thankful for that; until then we wait by her side, hold her little finger, hold back the tears and try our best to be strong.

"I yearn to hold her properly, to feed her, to do all those normal things I haven’t been able to do; most of all I yearn to take her home with us so we can be a family.

"Come on little champ, there is a big sister waiting at home who desperately wants to meet you."

Hundreds of her followers, including fans and friends, were quick to send their well wishes.