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16th Dec 2015

The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 12 – The big chief

Meeting our consultant felt like a huge step forward in our baby’s journey. That morning we donned our best Sunday gear and I made sure to put by best face on to meet the big chief. It was an exciting trip but also an anxious one as I was still bleeding and of course no matter how I tried, this was never far from my my thoughts.

When a nurse or health specialist hears that you’re bleeding, they can’t help but give you that wide-eyed caring look, and more often than not the words ‘oh dear’ are uttered once or twice. So when I met the midwife ahead of the consultant and told her about the past few weeks, the pink ‘welcome to pregnancy pack’ full of books and advice was awkwardly brushed aside and the blood tests put on hold until the consultant performed a scan to check all was well.

So, once again we prepared for the scan and my partner held my hand as we waited with bated breath for an image to appear on the machine. That part, when you are anxious, always seems like an eternity. But, as the baby bounced around on the screen, we could only smile as we were re-introduced to our creation. Now at 12 weeks and spanning less than 2 inches long, the consultant couldn’t help but laugh as the baby jumped around – I like to think he or she was happy to see us!

And so, back with the midwife, my bloods were taken and I was given my pregnancy pack to consume when I got home. The big chief told us to try not to worry about the bleeding but to return to the EPU or A and E if it, at any stage, got worse. We still have no answers as to the cause but I’m repeatedly assured that this is a more common issue in pregnancy than people are led to believe. Thankfully, I feel with every week that passes, me and my baby are getting stronger.

And so, as my new stretchy pants afford me that bit more space, it’s becoming all too easy to take that extra bit more at the dinner table. But it’s all good and I’m loving the bump!

Stay with us every week for more from ‘Big Belly’ as she continues her pregnancy adventure.