The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 17 - Moving on 7 years ago

The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 17 - Moving on

I met my midwife again this week - it brought me back to the early days (seems like a lifetime ago). So much has happened since she confirmed the pregnancy and wow, have we come through a lot! Again, such a lovely and warm lady who spent over an hour with me.

She checked my blood pressure – I’m 60 over 90, which is low, but apparently you’re better off being under than over. Anyway, I just need to make sure I’m drinking plenty of fluids and keep snacks on me at all time – now this medical advice I can handle! She also used a Doppler to check the baby and I got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat which is quite fast and loud. It’s still so strange to think there’s something living and growing inside my belly. Creation really is an amazing thing.

There’s also no denying that my breasts have completely blown up in size. I mean they have jumped from neat apple shapes to pineapple blobs. (I’m definitely getting a lot of compliments.) I feel sorry for my husband though as he’s still not allowed to embrace them. They are still sore and heavy so the best I can offer is a ‘look but don’t touch’ policy. Needless to say, he’s not thrilled but his face soured a little when I reminded him they’re full of milk for the baby.

I’m still bleeding but it has slowed down and is now darker in colour so fingers crossed that damn blood clot on my womb is resolving. I’m still anxious going to every medical appointment because obviously I’m dependent on them to tell me everything is okay.  I haven’t felt any movement yet but I’ve been told not to worry about this. Most women who are pregnant first time don’t feel anything until as late as week 26.

Last weekend I met up with my girlfriends over dinner for the first time in months. I really needed the laugh and to hear what was going on with everyone else. It’s been such a turbulent few weeks. I’ve been solely concentrating on the bump and not much else but I know that that needs to change and I need to at least try not to worry all the time.


This weekend I’m planning a long overdue trip to my friend down south who has a two-year-old daughter. I’ve also organised a night away for my husband's birthday which we’re both really looking forward to. In another way, I need to do these things as other mums keep reminding me that in a couple of months I’ll be stuck in a house with a screaming baby. Not that I’m not ready to embrace it – I am – I guess I’m just going to try and enjoy life and friends as much as I can before all my energies go on protecting and minding our baby.

We’ve also started debating whether or not to find out the sex of the baby and wow, this is a difficult one to decide on. Looking forward to making more decisions though.

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