The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 30 – Having Sex In Late Pregnancy 7 years ago

The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 30 – Having Sex In Late Pregnancy

If you had asked me about sex and pregnancy BEFORE I got pregnant, I probably would have used the words ‘awkward’ and ‘unthinkable’. I can only blame this on a lack of discussion about the issue, and also the way popular culture portrays such activity.

Let’s face it, there are not many films that showcase sex between a heavily pregnant woman and her partner. It’s an issue rarely discussed or witnessed on the big screen and if it is, it is usually comedic rather than romantic. One movie that springs to mind is the 2007 blockbuster ‘Knocked Up’. While having sex with the beautiful, pregnant and horny Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen cries out: "All I see is our baby getting poked in the face by my penis.” It’s a hilarious scene but one that raises serious questions about society’s attitude and knowledge of sex during pregnancy.

If you and your partner are comfortable with one another and there’s no medical advice to suggest otherwise, sex really can be a wonderful experience with a massive bump. I missed out on the experience in the early months because of bleeding, but that didn’t whet my appetite once we were able to do so.

A young woman in a bed is giving thumbs up

The bump does restrict certain activity. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be grinding on tables or putting yourself in a risky position, but it can be lots of fun! We struggled a bit with positions to begin with, but once we got comfortable and adjusted to easier methods it was all uphill.


I’ll be honest, we did have the ‘it’s not going to touch or harm the baby’ conversation. This was for both our benefits and really does help ease any anxiety. My hubby did have concerns and it was good to address these before we got down to it. To set things straight, the penis does not go beyond the vagina. A baby is also protected by the amniotic fluid and in terms of movement, apparently enjoys the rocking action.

There’s two of us in this though and we both respect each others needs in terms of sex. It’s an issue that each couple needs to decide on independently but let’s get it out there – sex in pregnancy even at week 30 is manageable and enjoyable.

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