The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 32 – Getting Busy! 7 years ago

The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 32 – Getting Busy!

Wow, that was a big kick!

Our baby boy is definitely throwing his weight around. I’m starting to feel and see stronger and more regular activity. It’s a lovely stage and one I can really share with my hubby who’s regularly frustrated when he doesn’t get his share of movement on demand. I have to admit to taking videos of the belly kicks to show family and friends too – it’s just too amazing to keep to myself! Because of its imposing presence, my nieces and nephews are starting to become more curious and ask questions about the bump. Aside from ‘how did it get in there?’, a question that I really squirmed over was ‘how will it get out?’ I have to admit to fumbling over both of these answers as, if I’m being honest, I can’t answer either 100 percent accurately.

Young pregnant couple looking at an ultrasound scan of their expecting baby.

I met the big chief again this week and he’s happy with baby’s progress so far. Our little man now weighs 2.2 kilos and has a strong heartbeat. However, I still can’t make out anything the consultant points out on the ultrasound screen. To be fair, it’s not great quality software but even my imagination won’t lend itself to deciphering limbs or even the head. I just have to trust him that everything is intact and looks good. Checkups are now every fortnight and will be split between the hospital and the midwife. I’m also starting my antenatal classes next week, which I expect will be a real eye-opener. There are five sessions to attend, with partners invited to the last two.

I’m really starting to get excited about meeting this little man and those final weeks seem so long to wait. There’s still lots to do and I’ve decided to tackle those bags and boxes of baby gear just gathering dust. It’s hard to make time for everything though and I’ve developed a real admiration for pregnant mums who already have children. In our case, the countdown is on and the next few weeks will be busy busy! Fortunately, maternity leave for me is just around the corner so I’m going to try to use that time wisely. Now, where’s the biscuits?


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