The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 39 – What I Won’t Miss About Pregnancy... 7 years ago

The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 39 – What I Won’t Miss About Pregnancy...

I’m so close to labour day and emotions are running high. My husband is now checking in with me 4 to 5 times during the day and every twinge I feel is stressed about. I’m so excited about meeting my little man and I really hope he doesn’t keep us waiting too long!

The pregnancy has had it’s ups and downs, but there’s a lot I definitely WON’T miss, such as...

The swelling – I look like a human lollipop. My face and arms are swollen and the only time I see my feet is when I put on and take off my shoes. I’m trying to get around as best I can but it’s hard to get through narrow doors and don’t get me started about getting in and out of the shower.

The touching – Ladies, give me a break! I’m only letting you touch the bump because I really don’t have the energy to fob you off anymore.


The munchies – I’m eating like a horse and am seriously worried that I’ll have to be carted out of here with a crane if the baby doesn’t come soon. Nothing is safe and in recent days, I’ve taken a real shine to chocolate. I’m embarrassed to admit that I ate a full pack of chocolate digestives in under an hour today.

The worry – If I could get a scan every day, I would.


The clothes – I stopped buying maternity clothes a few weeks ago so I’m left with two bottoms and three tops that still fit. Heels are definitely out as I struggle to stay upright at the best of times and I dread being asked anywhere because of the effort it takes to look half presentable.

Torso of pregnant woman with backache - holding back

Getting up – There are four steps to the ‘getting out of bed routine’ and if I miss one, I’m liable to break my ankle. Sitting down is easy but getting up usually requires a push or a pull which is always embarrassing when it happens in public.

The body – Everything is an effort in this body. I miss getting out for long walks and short jogs. I’ve given up on shaving as I can’t see what I’m doing in the shower, so my legs are seriously hairy. I also get warm way too fast so can no longer endure blow-drying my hair. In short, I’m a hairy mess.

Of course there’s loads I enjoyed about pregnancy but at this stage, I’m more than ready to leave it behind. C’mon baby!

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