The Síle Seoige pregnancy diary: acupuncture and affirmations 5 years ago

The Síle Seoige pregnancy diary: acupuncture and affirmations

It’s week 37 and even though it still feels like we have a load of stuff to do, the hospital bags are in the boot.

Síle Seoige pregnancy diary

We are making the final tweaks to our birth preferences and we got a car seat in the last few days too, so we’re getting there. I still have the odd bout of heartburn and I have to nap most days now to get through the day as sleeping at night is so erratic. My bladder is the size of a peanut - judging by the amount of times I have to go to the loo at night!

The house renovations continue and yoga positions are definitely getting harder now as bump grows, my balance is off and the swelling has increased. I was back in The Coombe for a check up this week and I will be in weekly until baby is born. Thankfully all seems good, baby’s head has lowered into my pelvis so I suppose it’s a waiting game now.

My suggestions for this week...

Treat yourself

Enjoy quality time with loved ones, get your hair done, go for a pedicure or go for some pregnancy treatments like reflexology, get a massage and/or acupuncture. I’ve done them all over the course of the last few weeks and I’m delighted I did as I know I won’t have the time to indulge when bundle comes along. This week I had an acupuncture session in Blackrock with a wonderful practitioner to help get my body and mind ready for the big day. The treatment was designed to calm the mind, reduce the swelling in my legs, feet and hands and to gently help soften the cervix and relax the ligaments in the pelvis in preparation for childbirth. I felt great after it and I’m going to go weekly now until our bundle decides to make an entrance.

Síle Seoige pregnancy diary

Look after your gnashers


Your body changes during pregnancy and your teeth are no exception. Hormonal changes happening in your body are the biggest culprits in tooth and gum pain during pregnancy and increased blood flow can lead to sensitive, swollen gums that are tender to the touch so making sure to have them examined and cleaned regularly is vital. It had been six months since I had got mine cleaned so I made sure I got to the dentist again during the week.

The power of affirmations

As D-day is fast approaching, it’s beneficial to get your mind into as positive and empowered head space as you can and affirmations are a great way to get there. Some of my favourites are:

  • I trust my body, it knows what to do
  • I embrace the concept of healthy pain
  • Babies are born when they are ready, not when doctors, midwives or anyone else decides.

This week our doula Becky, suggested I write up my favourite affirmations on post-its and place them around the house as a constant reminder; so that’s next on my list.

Until next week, be good to yourselves my fellow Mamas!

Big love, 
Síle xxx

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