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07th Jan 2019

‘There’s no way I’m being a grandma’, Kym Marsh jokes in interview with pregnant daughter

'There's no way I'm being a grandma', Kym Marsh jokes in interview with pregnant daughter

The 42-year-old says she can’t wait to meet her grandson in a few months time but is reluctant to adopt the title of “granny.”

Coronation Street actress, Kym Marsh recently appeared on This Morning alongside her 21-year-old daughter, Emiliee who is pregnant with her first child.

The mum-daughter duo spoke to Eamonn and Ruth about a variety of topics pertaining to being a young mum and when asked about what advice she would give, Kym said there are positives and negatives to having a baby a little bit earlier in life:

“It’s hard work”, she said. “There are certain things that you can’t just do.”


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On a positive note, she stressed that she wouldn’t change it for anything and the fact that she is closer in age to her children than most mums is something she thinks strengthens their relationship. She said that other benefits included better energy levels and more patience.

There is a pattern in Kym’s family of having children young. Kym herself was 18 when she fell pregnant as were her sister and mum.

Twenty-one-year-old Eimilee admitted she was apprehensive breaking the news to her parents at the time. She told OK! Magazine:

“For ages I couldn’t actually get the words ‘I’m pregnant’ out of my mouth because I didn’t know how people would react – I even made Mum tell my dad!

“Luckily I have the most supportive parents in the world and they’re both really excited.”


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On their television appearance, Eamonn joked that although Kym might not want to be referred to as “grandma, granny or nanny” she will at least be “the most glamorous granny out there”.