These traditional baby names are 'facing extinction' 5 years ago

These traditional baby names are 'facing extinction'

While there has been a return to traditional baby names in recent years, it seems some are more popular than others.

According to The Telegraph, a recent survey has revealed that some names are facing extinction because new parents aren’t picking them for their little ones.

Among the most unpopular boys’ names in the UK are Donald, Rodney, Derek, Gregory, Ian and Russell and Daryl. In fact just two babies were named Rodney this year.

The girls’ monikers that aren’t faring well include Janet, Dawn, Helen, Sally, Claire, Susan, Kelly and Karen.


Lisa Penney, spokesperson for who conducted the survey, explained that other traditional names are growing in popularity.

“The trend for old style names being revived by modern parents continues this year.

“Names such as Nancy, Arabella and Penelope feature in the highest climbers and Florence is the fastest growing name for baby girls.

“Staying traditional is also apparent with boys’ names, as Arthur is one of the highest rising names.”