This Is How The Fertility 'FitBit' Can Help You Get Pregnant Quicker 6 years ago

This Is How The Fertility 'FitBit' Can Help You Get Pregnant Quicker

Ready for the pitter patter of (more) little feet, mamas?

Whether you are about to embark on making your first—or, gasp, second—baby, tracking your most fertile days can help speed up the getting pregnant bit.

Enter the fertility equivalent of a FtBit, the Ava bracelet.


This genius ovulation-tracking device will help detect the most fertile days in your menstruation cycle by tracking and keeping record of data like your skin temperature and heart rate. This helps the Ava predict and accurately let you know the rise of those important baby-making hormones, meaning it can tell you when you should be jumping into bed right this minute.


And then, as things happen now in the days of digital super-technology, all this data gets zapped over to the corresponding app on your phone, where you can easy keep track over when your most fertile days are.

Oh, and the best part? You don't even have to wear the bracelet during the day. You can just pop it on before going to bed at night, and while you snooze, this clever gadget will collect all the data it needs.

Now, let the baby making commence!