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29th Jul 2019

This ‘Mommy Bag’ is something that every mum will get lots of use out of

Melissa Carton

They look so fab!

Are you a mum-to-be? If so then you are going to love these super stylish ‘Mommy Bags’ which not only make perfect hospital bags but can be used as a nappy bag after you leave the maternity hospital.

The spacious bag even comes with a changing mat!

Available in grey, black and pink the bag is made to be durable and is easy to wipe clean if any messes should occur.

The bag comes with two sets of straps so it can be worn either as a shoulder bag or a handbag! I love that it comes with the longer straps because I always find bags like that easier to hang off the pram.

Able to hold up to 10 kg it can fit everything you could possibly need while you’re out and about with baby.

I think nappy bags are sometimes overlooked and it was something I regretted not putting more thought into on my first child.

I got a terrible changing bag with no packets in an awful navy colour that reminded me of a postman’s bag, except not as nice. I ended up rarely ever using it and putting the baby’s stuff into whatever handbag I was using that day.

I think it’s worth getting a nappy bag not just for its functionality (which is important) but also one that you actually like. We always feel better when we wear clothes that flatter us and it’s the same with accessories.

Getting a really nice changing bag also has the added perk of you being able to use it as a cute overnight or gym bag down the line.

The Mommy Bag is available from Irish maternity store Me Mamma B and is priced at €109 for the bag and the changing mat.

Even though it may seem expensive, I think considering how much use you’ll get out of it (and how spacious it is) the Mommy Bag is well worth the price.

So go on mammy, treat yourself!