This ultrasound is going viral (for a freaky reason) 6 years ago

This ultrasound is going viral (for a freaky reason)

An ultrasound is going viral after sparking a bit of debate on picture-sharing site Reddit.

Earlier this month, user luigivampa-over9000 shared a snap of what they claim is a friend’s ultrasound and let’s just say it got people talking.

That’s because a number of people claim that they can see figure to the right of the unborn baby.

While many have referred to the shadow as a “demon,” another said it looked “like a Hindu goddess.”

Another joked: “The mermaid on the right. She must have come from the seamen.”


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In a later update, the person who uploaded the image explained: “Everything is fine now. The baby was premature by two months.

“They asked the tech who did the ultrasound what it was – they didn’t really have an answer besides they haven’t seen something like that before.”

While we're guessing it's just a shadow, it is still a bit freaky.