3 dads get heavily pregnant (well, almost): The empathy belly test 7 years ago

3 dads get heavily pregnant (well, almost): The empathy belly test

Mums, have you ever wished that your partner could take on the weight of being heavily pregnant?

Three dads who decided to honour their wives and mums by wearing pregnancy suits, complete with fake breasts, and weighing 33lbs – the average weight of a full-term baby bump – are finding out just what it's like to have a baby on board (almost).

Working as publishing directors in Barcelona, Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins are wearing the 'empathy bellies' for one month in the run-up to Mother's Day and are only allowed to remove them to wash.

The dads are behind a new personalised Mother's Day book called Book Of Mum and are recording the highs and lows of their experiment online at Three Pregnant Dads. Posting on day 5, Steve wrote, "Huge respect goes to all you pregnant mums out there. Every single one of you – one tough mother."

While on the same day, Jason mused, "I wonder why pregnant women don’t use wheelchairs."


On day 9, Jonny posted 5 things he didn't know a week ago, including, "Women generally think you’re great in a pregnancy suit. Men think you’re a plonker. Five-year old boys think you’re a punch bag."

Looking good, guys. We're sure all three can't wait until Mother's Day when they can remove the suits for good.