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Baby names

13th Nov 2022

These are the top baby names inspired by footballers

Would you choose one of these?

Baby names, whatever we call our kids or where we get our inspiration from, we all have a solid reason.

Some people name their children after family, others something just because they like it and then there are those of us who name them after someone who means something to us.

From movies, books, TV shows or even sport, there are endless places we can turn to find a beautiful name for our little ones and according to one report, a lot of us turn to football as inspiration.

As the World Cup approaches, it might be a good excuse to use some of these players as a potential baby name – and maybe even go for one if your team are the winning one.

Sure enough, one couple earlier this year named their son Griezmann Mbappe after two French players, but the names are endless. has taken it upon themselves to gather  100 of the best footballers from the past and present to determine which ones make the best baby names and which ones parents are most likely to choose.

Popping their research into the database, they came to some very interesting conclusions.

So what were the top 10?











While these are typically surnames, it’s not unusual for a last name to be used as a first, sure look at all the Ryans, Jordans, Taylors and Logans around the world.

And with the amount of people in the Davies clan across the country, you may be able to kill two birds with one stone here and use a family name as well as a footballer.