Treat yourself before baby comes: 3 ways to spoil yourself (while you still can) 5 years ago

Treat yourself before baby comes: 3 ways to spoil yourself (while you still can)

Waiting for your wee baba to arrive is one of the most exciting times ever, but it can be a particularly busy time too.

There are doctors appointments, baby equipment to ponder, names to pick, a nursery to decorate - the list is endless. In the midst of all this planning and check-listing don't forget to take some precious space for yourself before someone arrives and demands all of your time and attention.

Here are our top 3 ways to spoil yourself while you still can:

1. Sleep

You may naturally be feeling very sleepy as a result of that human you are growing inside you and if so, enjoy it. Okay, okay, we know that you can't really 'bank' sleep for the future but try to enjoy lazy naps in a cosy armchair if you can and stay in bed late. Trust us, the memory alone will keep you going when baba arrives.

2. Get out with the gang


Try to see your posse as much as possible and make girly plans for endless, uninterrupted chats about anything and everything. Babies and children have an in-built habit of rendering any attempt at adult conversation useless so enjoy the gossip now.

3. Go shopping

No, not internet shopping - REAL shopping. Every mama daydreams about the bliss that is wander around the shops ALONE, browsing through everything you want. We ain't kidding when we tell you: you will never get a peaceful shopping experience again once the stork drops. You don't even have to buy anything, but just bask in the knowledge that you are in no hurry to be anywhere else than here right now.

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