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06th Jan 2016

One set of triplets born six weeks apart… to twin sisters (yes, really)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

After years of trying, Darla Pritchard and her husband Mark were beginning to think they would never have a family of their own. 

Little did they know that the future held the pitter patter of many tiny feet, and it would all be thanks to Darla’s twin sister, Dana.

After trying unsuccessfully for five years and enduring two IVF attempts, Darla and Mark decided to try one more time. On this attempt, they decided to double their chances… Darla’s sister Dana, who had two children, had volunteered to become the couple’s surrogate

“It seemed like a no brainer.” said Dana. “I’d do anything for nine months for a lifetime of her happiness.”

Doctors implanted fertilised eggs into both sisters, who were 39 at the time, and the family crossed their fingers and prayed for the baby they dreamed of having. They could never have prepared for what happened next.

To her utter joy, Darla became pregnant with twins. Then doctors made another discovery; Dana was pregnant too.

All three babies are the biological children of Darla and Mark Pritchard and because they were implanted on the same day, they are technically triplets. This is the case despite the fact they have different birthdays, Darla gave birth to Mallory and Wesley. Six weeks later, their sister Mattie arrived, delivered by Dana.


In accordance with Missouri law, Darla had to adopt Mattie after the birth, but apart from that formality, the trio are three peas in a pod.

“They’re from the same batch of eggs, same batch of sperm, and so they are considered triplets — they just have different birthdays,” Darla told The Early Show.

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Image: CBS News