My wife wants to give our twin boys matching names and I think it's a terrible idea 1 year ago

My wife wants to give our twin boys matching names and I think it's a terrible idea

"They aren't a cute sideshow for entertainment"

Picking one baby name is hard enough, never mind two.

One dad, who is set to welcome twins with his wife, has opened up about his wife's latest name idea.

He explained that his wife is expecting twin boys and wants to give them twin names.

He told Reddit: "I am a future parent to two twin boys. Me and my wife have recently been deciding names for our twins and my wife wants them to be matching.

"I said I don’t like the idea, I have a twin sister who I matched everything with and it got so annoying to me."

His wife thinks the idea is cute, but he's completely against it.

"I told her for the sake of our kids let's not do the matching name thing and only make them match on things they BOTH want."

He thinks it would be okay to do things like matching Halloween costumes, but has drawn the line with names.

" My wife disagrees and my MIL is saying I should, but my sister is agreeing with me."

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The majority of users agreed with the dad and said twins should be encouraged to be individuals.

One twin shared, "A lot of people who have twins seem to forget that they're independent of each other and aren't a package deal or a cute sideshow for entertainment.

"One thing that was massively important to me as a teenager was setting myself apart from my twin sister because we looked alike. It felt so much better when we actually agreed to match on our own accord."

Another person said that forcing them to match could be a "breeding ground for resentment".

They could have resentment "either towards each other or where it belongs, towards the parents."

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