The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 10 5 years ago

The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 10

Week 10 – You're in the 1st Trimester! Read more about trimesters here.

This week....

Your baby

Is the size of prune, but only weighs about four grams. The arms can now bend at the elbows and the fingers and toes have separated.

If your midwife or doctor uses a Doppler sonic aid, it is sometimes possible to hear a heartbeat. However, it may be a few more weeks before you experience that thrill.

To help the lungs and digestive systems develop your baby is starting to swallow and breathe amniotic fluid in and out.


The emotional rollercoaster is probably in constant motion. Be kind to yourself. Crazy dreaming? Also likely.

Your heart rate, circulation and breathing rate all continue to increase, possibly making you light-headed and dizzy, or even faint.


Your nipples and areola are bigger and darker, and an increased blood supply means the veins look more pronounced on your breasts and abdomen.

Now that you are 10 weeks pregnant..... have you started thinking about baby names? It's NEVER too early, we LOVE these unisex Irish baby names... because you probably still don't know the sex of your baby.

The beautiful meanings of these first names will always be a wonderful conversation-starter. A survey commissioned by Coca-Cola of 1,800 people across eight European countries revealed that 87% of Irish people consider their names to be very important in their lives.


10 weeks pregnant and.... those trousers are getting tighter, right? Already! You betcha. Have you tried any maternity solutions yet?

So whenever I happen to be pregnant alas I look NOTHING like Blake Lively and for some reason, I always completely lose the run of not only what clothes suit me but also what clothes I even like.

I find myself floundering around in borrowed floral maternity dresses feeling very uncomfortable – nothing against florals, I'm just not really a floral girl (though I'd happily make an exception for an Erdem dress should I win the lotto).

The involuntary body overhaul that we all experience in pregnancy can leave us feeling quite unlike ourselves which is why I think it's important (for me at least) psychologically to still make an effort in the clothes department. As much as I sometimes just want to swathe my ginormous body in jersey and be done with it, I do find getting dressed up can generally make me feel better about myself.


Celebs like Blake Lively, with their entourage of stylists and designers and people to put their shoes on for them (seriously getting down there is becoming a major challenge) definitely have the advantage on looking good while pregnant, but we can still steal some of their sartorial secrets without the designer labels.

Find out what Blake Lively's insider pregnancy dressing secrets look like, here.


You're 10 weeks pregnant and you're desperately trying to hide it from work... we've ALL been there. Apart from close family, I didn't tell anyone that I was pregnant until I was nearly five months into it. It was the first pregnancy, so I think I carried the extra weight and hide it well, under loose fitting clothes.

If you have just recently out that you're pregnant and are trying to keep the news under wraps, there are a few 'tells' that you will need to be aware of, to ward off the Suspicion Police.

Here are 10 of the biggest giveaways that you have a sneaky bun in the oven


If you're 10 weeks pregnant with morning sickness, you might want to try this nifty spray?


We all know how important it is to take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy (and before); but swallowing a tablet that’s the size of a small horse and smells like a wet dog, when you've got morning sickness, isn’t easy.

B9 and Folic Acid are vital for both mum and baby in the early stages of pregnancy, however, nausea and vomiting can be enough to literally stop you from taking those much-needed vitamins. LoveurSoul's oral Vitamin Sprays can be one way to help through those vital but turbulent first few weeks.

Healthy sprays are more effectively absorbed than the same dosage in pills, which have extras like shellac, talc, waxes and colourings that can make them hard for the body to digest. Sometimes only 10 - 12% of the nutrients taken in pill form are actually absorbed. Read more about the spray here.

If you're 10 weeks pregnant and...  just feeling Yuk and Tired and you just cannot wait to tell everyone your news, just get a lowdown on just how incredible you are right now.


As if the ability to produce another human being wasn't mind-blowing enough, pregnancy brings with it a host of other truly incredible changes that are almost impossible to believe until they happen to you.

Here are five fascinating pregnancy facts that prove (as if we ever doubted it) that women have serious super powers:

Catch up with us NEXT WEEK for your week-by-week pregnancy guide. Week 11!