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1st trimester

07th Nov 2023

Your baby at 8 weeks: Week-by-week guide to pregnancy and development


raspberry pregnancy image

Welcome to your 8th week of pregnancy!

This week, your baby is now as big as a raspberry. Here’s what else you can expect this week.

Your baby

Your baby is now about the size of a 2cm raspberry and the little tail is gone. The arms and legs start to make involuntary movements and they have toes and fingers, though they’re still webbed. The heart is beating even faster — about 150 times a minute.


If only you weren’t feeling so sick and so, so tired, and those boobs weren’t so, so, so sore. Maybe it’s time to consider wearing a bra to bed at night. It’s not like you feel up to any kind of bedtime activity anyway — aside from sleep!

Avoid getting up too fast, as you might feel dizzy and light-headed. By the way, that increase in milky vaginal discharge is perfectly normal.

Some women don’t experience nausea or sickness at all when they’re pregnant, some have it at certain points throughout the first twelve weeks and some have it for the entire duration of their pregnancy. Fun.

Here’s our ‘No Bullsh*t Guide To… Morning Sickness’ with helpful tips to combat the queasy.

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