The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 9 5 years ago

The ultimate HerFamily guide to your pregnancy: Week 9

Week 9 – you're in the 1st Trimester! Read more about trimesters here.

This week....

Your baby

Is the size of a human-like grape. Eyelids have formed and fused closed to protect the eyes, and the nose is shaping up nicely. It’s too early to say what gender it will be, but the building of those baby boy and girl bits is underway.


You may not look pregnant but those jeans are getting tighter as your waistline thickens. That slight weight gain may be down to those new pumped-up breasts.

Those cramps and twinges are most likely just your uterus expanding.

As hormones slow down your digestive process, increase your fluid and fibre intake to try and prevent constipation.


Tip: If you're planning to breastfeed, instead of buying bras in bigger sizes for your pregnancy, just cut to the chase and start rocking a nursing bra.

Mother holds her baby head while he is breastfed. Closeup

Nursing bras are very comfortable and save you from buying an entirely new bra wardrobe for your new jumbo jugs. H&M do very reasonably priced nursing bras.

More: Baby name hunting is one of the most fun aspects of waiting for your new arrival.

As you most likely don't know the sex of your baba yet, here is some fab gender-neutral baby name inspiration to get you started.

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