A viral video has revealed just how much it costs to give birth in the US 8 months ago

A viral video has revealed just how much it costs to give birth in the US

I gave birth to both of my babies in my home city of Oslo, Noway.

It cost nothing. Giving birth in Norway is always free. There is no private or semi-private option, like here in Ireland, either – it is all done as part of the public healthcare system, works perfectly and is one hundred percent free of charge.

As in; maternity care from my GP and the midwives at the hospital was free. Scans were free. Delivery was free. I didn't have to bring anything other than my own pyjama and toothbrush into the hospital with me – nappies for the baby, pads for me, toiletries – all free. Because I had very straightforward, uncomplicated deliveries, I was moved into a double room at the maternity floor in the adjacent hospital hotel once we left the delivery room. My husband got to stay with me for our two nights there. There were nurses and midwives around to ask for help, a restaurant to have meals in (for free) and when we checked out, we were just met with good luck wishes, no bills.

Had I given birth in the US, this would have been a far more expensive ordeal. In the states, people either have to have medical insurance or pay up front for any medical procedure, whether a few stitches, major surgery or giving birth.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, a woman going by the handle @yorkshirepeach explained how the bill for giving birth in the US can really mount up.

She says: "A lot of people say, 'Well, how much does it cost to have a baby in the States?'"


Pointing to a list of costs, she explains: "Well, this is without insurance, with insurance, I think it probably pays at about 80/20 is the usual insurance plan, meaning the insurance pays 80 percent and you pay 20 percent.

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"But what the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals do is jack up the prices, so that 20 percent goes higher and higher.

"So here, as you can see, a semi-private room, meaning you're sharing a room, it costs $25,000 there, and then another $26,000 for the actual delivery room, where you go back and have the baby."

She continues:

"And then the other little bits and bobs that you need coming in at $69,000. Yeah."

Since it was posted, the video has been viewed thousands of times, with people from outside the US especially being stunned by the cost.

Commenting on the video, one UK user said: "Forever grateful for the NHS."

I have to say, I feel the same.