Want A Baby? You Need To Have (Unprotected) Sex On January 2nd At 10.36PM 6 years ago

Want A Baby? You Need To Have (Unprotected) Sex On January 2nd At 10.36PM

Is a baby on the cards for 2017?

Well, mamas, you might want to read this little snippet of information and prepare yourself for some serious baby making in a couple of days.

Because a new report has revealed the exact date and time you need to be getting down to business if you want to be giving birth in nine month's time.

The report by Channel Mums reveals that 23% of parents want a Christmas-conceived baby, with 17% having already previously fallen pregnant over the festive period, and six per cent planning to again this year.

In fact, statistics show that the most common day to be born in the UK is September 26 – meaning, of course, that with the average length of a pregnancy being 38 weeks, you would have been conceived somewhere around the January 2nd mark.

So popular is this day for doing the deed that it has indeed been named ‘National baby-making day’ in the UK – thanks to so many couples trying to conceive.

If you, like we were, find yourself wondering why this day specifically, don't worry, we have the answer right here.

According to the couples the website surveyed, the day after New Year’s Day was the perfect time to enjoy each other’s company after all the excess of Christmas, and before returning to work.


See? Makes total sense.

And as for when to get the love-making going, it was revealed that 10.36pm is the ideal time to get naked as 71% of couple had sex around this time.

(Note: There was no word on why they were so specific with their timings, however)

As for why so many are trying to get knocked up over the festive season, the answered were as follows:

73 percent say it’s because they have more time together (as you do), 48 percent feel happier because of Christmas (yup, we get that) and 28 percent say the festive spirit makes them feel close to their partner (uhm, okay...).

Also, 36 percent claim they have more sex this time a year simply because they are drunk more often. And to that we say fair enough, parents. Fair enough.

Are YOU trying for a baby this festive season? At least now you know what you SHOULD be doing on January 2nd!