Amy Schumer's new pregnancy docu-series is released next month 2 years ago

Amy Schumer's new pregnancy docu-series is released next month

"I've just got to Chicago and I've been throwing up all day."

Amy Schumer's new three part documentary series, Expecting Amy, is coming soon.

Following Amy as she tours the US recording comedy specials while heavily pregnant and suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, the series documents the highs, the lows, and the hilarious moments of Amy's experience of being pregnant, and eventually giving birth, for the first time.

Directed and edited by Alexander Hammer (Beyoncé's Homecoming), the film tracks Amy for nine months as she tries to navigate her career,  her relationship with husband Chris, and the very concept of parenthood.

"Expecting Amy takes viewers behind-the-scenes as Schumer battles through an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy while documenting the formation of a comedy special," reads the synopsis.


"Schumer continues touring to prepare for the taping in Chicago that she isn’t sure she will be able to execute.

"From hospitalizations to going out in front of a crowd of thousands, to quiet moments at home with her family, Schumer shares it all — beginning the day she found out she was pregnant, through the birth of her child. It’s like Jerry Seinfeld’s movie Comedian, if he had been pregnant."

Expecting Amy, the three part documentary series, launches on HBO Max on July 3. 

You can check out the trailer here: