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01st Feb 2015

WATCH: Protective dog keeps a careful eye on his owner’s baby bump

This bump's got it's own bodyguard...

As anyone who owns a dog will tell you, they quickly become part of the family, but this razor-sharp pet has taken it to the next level… by appointing himself bodyguard over his owner’s baby bump!

This video uploaded to YouTube shows ‘Tebow’, a normally placid pet, jump to defend his pregnant owner when her boyfriend jokingly attempts to touch her belly.

The video was posted by an amused friend of the couple, who commented: “My buddy’s girlfriend is pregnant and their dog has become extremely protective of the yet to be delivered bundle of joy. They swear he started this on his own and I just had to get it on video.”

The poster was quick to point out that Tebow is usually very gentle, adding: “…the dog is not vicious and is not a danger to anyone. He simply has decided no one should be messing with that belly!”

We quite agree.


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