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19th Dec 2017

Woman calmly finishes her college exams while in labour

Proving that mums are magic.

Is there anything women can’t do?

We ladies have long known that a woman with a goal is fairly unstoppable, but the world appears to only be waking up to that fact now that this image has gone viral.

Nayzia Thomas tweeted this image of herself last week and it’s been shared hundreds of thousands of times since.

She’s a student at Johnson Community College in Kansas City in the US and found herself pulled in two different directions when she went into labour at the same time as she was due to sit her college exams.

She’d been hoping baby would come along before then but that wasn’t the case. She continued going to college until she was 39 weeks along and though she tried to get her exams out of the way, there was a clash.

Rather than lose marks, Nayzia decided to juggle her responsibilities.

“School is so important to me,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I didn’t want [the pregnancy] to be in the way. That’s what people expect. You’re a teen mom, you’re a young mother. That’s why my mom took that picture.”

She and her partner went on to have a healthy baby boy, she later tweeted.

While the labour was difficult, she said they felt “blessed” and that she was finishing the semester with a 3.5 GPA – putting her in reach of a 1:1.

Take a bow, mama.