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14th Apr 2022

Woman shares incredible footage of her baby bump dropping during gym sesh

What are the odds?

A mum-to-be has managed to capture the moment her baby bump “dropped” in a video.

TikTok creator Jaime (@weirdjaime) had been filming herself working out at the gym while 38 weeks pregnant, when she immediately stopped after she noticing what had happened.

Jamie confessed she was totally shocked in the moment and even “almost peed” herself.

@weirdjaime I nearly peed myself #38weeks #ohno #OscarsAtHome #WomenOwnedBusiness ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

When a pregnancy bump drops like this, it’s usually a sure sign that labor is approaching soon. It happens when the baby’s head literally lowers further into a woman’s pelvis.

Viewers were left shocked after witnessing the “drop” in the middle of her kettlebell session and took to the comments in disbelief.

“Lol baby is like that’s it I have had enough!” one person joked.

“Oh wow!! I saw baby drop from here!!!” another said.

“That’s really cool to see! You never catch them dropping,” a third commented.

Others were stunned that Jamie was able to do such a high-intensity workout so late into the pregnancy.

“I’m 35 weeks and can barely walk through the grocery store,” one expectant mum wrote.

“Honestly you’re amazing! I wish I could do that. 31 weeks and just rolling over in bed my ligaments feel like they’re tearing,” a second added.

In a later video, Jamie told her followers: “What are the odds that the one time I workout towards the end of my pregnancy and I’m recording I catch that?”

Dropping is also sometimes referred to as “lightening” and typically occurs two to four weeks before delivery.

However, it’s widely accepted that it’s not the most reliable of signs. For some women, labor can still be weeks away even after baby has dropped, or the baby bump might appear to drop at all.