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13th Feb 2018

Woman thinks coworker is ‘faking’ pregnancy after noticing something in ultrasound photo

She’s convinced the photo isn’t real.

An ultrasound photo ended up causing a pretty awkward situation in work for one woman – as she’s not convinced the photo her colleague showed her is real.

The woman said that she was conflicted over the situation after noticing something about the date on the scan photo.

She explained that her co-worker has been put on restricted duties at work, and has been asking for time off work for hospital appointments.

She took to Mumsnet in the hope of getting some advice on how to deal with the situation.

She began:

“So someone I work with has been saying they’re pregnant (in my line of work this means your placed straight on light duties).

“There was some confusion initially about dating and her saying she had a miscarriage then didn’t that was all a bit suspicious but no one said anything.

“She then stated last week she went for her 12 week scan and there was no baby to be found and she was to come back the next day for another scan.

“I messaged her on Facebook following the scan to ask how it went and she said great and sent me a picture of the ‘scan’.

“The scan had been pushed up to the top but had a date on of 2015. She has other children and I was a bit suspicious so I checked her previous Facebook photos and found it was the exact scan of her previous child.”

The original poster explained that she feels conflicted over the situation, and isn’t sure if she should go to the manager about it.

She said:

“I’m actually higher up then her in rank in our job and as she’s still asking for time off for appts and amended duties, I feel as though I should go to the manager with this but at the same time, it’s really non of my business.

“It will all come out eventually regardless but I see my other colleagues picking up the slack and feel quite bad that it’s all potentially made up?

“Would you go to the manager or just leave it? This girl has quite a rep for lying about things…”

She was flooded with replies from other parents, who offered advice on what to do now.

Most of the commenters urged her to leave it, insisting that the truth will eventually come out.

One person said:

“Obviously it will all be resolved soon enough.

“Just in case there has been some kind of miscarriage or there are problems I would hold off doing anything for now.

“Give it a couple of weeks and if you still have concerns speak to your manager.”

Another added:

“It is totally possible that she could have had some issues in early pregnancy and has been vague or given misinformation rather than divulge personal details.

“Personally, I would probably step back and see how it unfolds as you can’t lie about a pregnancy for long.”

Someone else commented:

“As others have said, I’d hold back. By 20 weeks, faking it will be impossible.

“Leave it for now because it’s too difficult to prove your position, whereas a few weeks down the line, it will be impossible for her to prove hers!”