'What did I do wrong?': Síle Seoige speaks out about her 'devastating' miscarriage 4 years ago

'What did I do wrong?': Síle Seoige speaks out about her 'devastating' miscarriage

Often there's no reason for a miscarriage - something that makes losing a baby all the harder to deal with.

Síle Seoige has revealed that in the search for answers when she miscarried, she blamed herself.

The presenter fell pregnant with her second child last year but lost the baby shortly before Christmas.

"I went for a scan, and unfortunately there was no heartbeat," she told the Irish Independent.

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"Obviously it's devastating; it's the last thing you want to hear. And it's very hard to process.

"I know the initial reaction I had when I was told there was no heartbeat was 'what did I do wrong?'. Straight away you go into 'what did I do? I must have done something wrong'."

Síle, who is mum to 19-month-old Cathal with husband Damien, shared the sad news with fans on Instagram last month.


She struggled to deal with the loss, she admitted, and the grief took its toll on her health.

"I was all over the place, to be honest. I went into fight or flight.

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"That physical reaction in my body, where my heart felt like I was thumping at a rate of knots, and I was on edge.

"I wasn't sleeping brilliantly; I was really struggling to deepen my breath. I was irritable, snappy with people."

She's speaking out in the hope it will help others" she added.

"The more we talk openly and honestly about things, the more we make others, who are going through things, feel like they're not alone."