YouTuber 'Sarah's Day' is experiencing one pregnancy symptom in particular 3 years ago

YouTuber 'Sarah's Day' is experiencing one pregnancy symptom in particular

You might relate to this one, mums. 

Australian YouTuber, Sarah Stevenson, best known for her channel ‘Sarah’s Day’, last week announced that she is pregnant with her first child.

On Instagram Stories, Sarah who is now fifteen weeks pregnant said she is experiencing one pregnancy symptom in particular. She said that she noticed quite an increase in bust size since she found out she was pregnant, telling her followers,

'This boob situation is so weird. Like I normally don’t even fit into an A-Cup'

Sound familiar?

The twenty-six-year-old who is expecting her first child with twenty-eight-year-old photographer, producer and fellow YouTuber, Kurt Tilse, posted the dotiest reveal video on her channel telling him the news.


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Absolutely crazy new YouTube video on @sarahs_day channel! All is revealed, super exciting news!!! ????

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With almost 800,000 subscribers, Sarah’s YouTube channel has garnered serious attention and with her infectiously positive and sweet demeanour, it’s not hard to see why.


Known for her amazing health and fitness content, the Australian stunner has uploaded the most adorable reaction videos to her pregnancy news.

In particular, the inventive way she breaks the news to her boyfriend is absolutely golden.

Check out the video here…and pass the Kleenex!

In the video, the YouTuber says she went to the doctor to confirm her suspicion and kept the secret from her other half until he came home from work.

Sarah leaves the camera rolling as she prepares dinner and then asks her boyfriend to pass her something from the cutlery drawer, in which she has secretly put a newborn outfit and the positive pregnancy test.

Her boyfriend is in stunned disbelief when he finds out and seems over the moon with the news. He was also quick to put two-and-two together asking if that was the reason she had the 'big boobs'.


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Hamster size baby today ??? HAPPY 15 WEEKS PREGGY TO ME! Ok let’s smash through a super quick life, body and fitness update... - still training 5x a week - reduced duration and intensity of my sessions - integrating much more diverse workouts into my routine and currently LOVING 6km walks, Pilates, resistance band work, boxing and modified eBook Workouts - eating cleaner and cleaner every day as my nausea subsides - eating LOADS of food and trying get in some protein with every main meal - craving sweets mostly like loving earth choc covered almonds, but also salty popcorn - skin is kind of clearing up but my perioral dermatitis is still flared up - feeling the most confident I have ever felt with my body - loving being pregnant and can’t concentrate on anything because I’m too excited about everything - feeling SO happy and content with my growing bump #15weekspregnant #babybump #bumpdate

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The couple subsequently posted a family reactions video in which they relate the big news to their loved ones. The pair initially just told Sarah's older sister and then chose to tell her father before the rest of her family. His response will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

Next, she handed out fruit shaped cards to the remainder of her family that read, 'I'm currently the size of a mandarin seed. See you soon, auntie'.

You can watch that video here.

How did you tell your loved ones the big news mamas?