DIY: How to transform your old trampoline into a super-cosy 'summer hideout' 1 year ago

DIY: How to transform your old trampoline into a super-cosy 'summer hideout'

Have your kids grown a little tired of the giant trampoline that is taking up most of your back garden still...?

But before you start to take it apart and make plans to take it to the nearest dump when this lockdown is over, hear us out – we have just come across the perfect thing you could be doing with it.

Are you ready? We give you the world's cosiest garden den. Or hideout. Or family fort. Or whatever you want to name it – but just take a look at what your old trampoline could become with just a touch of TLC:

According to The Sun, the trend took off recently when one Facebook user posted about the idea:

"Don't throw away your old trampoline, it can always serve - beautiful space for this summer".

I mean; just take a look and tell us this isn't the perfect space for a kids' sleepover - or seating area for mum and dad to have a glass of wine on a warm summer's evening?


The best bit? All you need is some old curtains and fairy lights to attach to the top railing, and cushions and throws to make a stylish den.

Needless to say, people went nuts for the idea, and the post gathered thousands of comments, with parents all claiming this is what they would now be doing with their trampolines.

One clever dad even turned the trampoline upside down, then attached fairy lights to the 'roof', so his girls could dance underneath it.


Love hos these look? You'll find plenty more ideas over on Pinterest too!