Party season is coming: The hair treatment that gave me Disney princess hair 2 years ago

Party season is coming: The hair treatment that gave me Disney princess hair

Confession: I am obsessed with hair.


As in; you know the way some people will notice clothes or makeup when they meet someone new – with me, it's hair.

I don't know why, really, maybe it was my obsession with Disney princesses that kick-started it in my youth, maybe it was from watching shows like The Hills or Gossip Girl a few years later – I don't know. But here we are – swishy, glossy reality-starlet-meet-animated-princess hair just is my thing, and don't ask me how much time and effort (and money) I have spent trying to achieve this.

However, having recently been allowed a sneak preview (and test!) of Kérastase's brand new and exclusive in-salon hair treatment, K Water, I think I might just have found it.

No – really. You need to see this.

Having not really had time to read up on K Water before my scheduled treatment, I was given the presentation upon arrival, and must admit it all sounded a bit too good to be true at first.

Like lipgloss for my hair? I'll believe that when I see it, thank you very much.


However, I must admit, the technology did seem rather impressive.

Kérastase K Water is according to their press release a brand new in-salon hair treatment designed to 'instantly transform the look, feel and texture of your hair' for softness, shine and perfect fluidity – as in; the hair won't feel weighed down or 'stiff' but will look and feel totally natural with lots of movement and life.

Sounds good? I know. Reality star hair, here I come, I thought to myself.

Using something they have names Lamellar technology, the clever minds at Kérastase claim to have found the perfect solution for time-starve women looking for prefessional results and gorgeous, glossy locks – but with no time to sit down for a deep care treatment. The solution goes onto the hair at the basin, post shampoo, meaning there is no need for conditioner (a step I never skip at home).

The formula acts instantly upon contact with water, and then your hair is rinsed – straight away, and you are ready to have your hair dried and styled.

Literally – it was that fast.

Another unique selling point of the K Water treatment is that it only targets the areas of the hair that needs it with an ultra-fine and lightweight top coat. What this means, which is especially important to those of us with rather fine hair, is that your hair won't feel heavy or weighed down. Because unlike exisisting treatments which only coat the cuticle surface of the hair, not the cracks, K Water have particles small enough to penetrate just where it is needed – and totally transform your hair.

According to my stalon stylist, K Water leaves your hair protected from breakage and easier to comb, blowdry and style. It is soft to the touch (seriously – my hair was like silk. Totally and utterly silk) and highly reflective, for a glasslike shine.

As in; when I looked in the mirror I could not believe how glossy and gleaming my hair was. This, guys, this was my dream hair. The princess/popstar/reality star hair of my wildest dreams.

Not a minute wasted, and yet, here I was, with hair looking far healthier and more glossy that I have ever seen it – and may I remind you I have tried it all.

With party season only around the corner (gulp!) I can't help feel I will be back for some K Water treatment very, very soon. Because. let's face it, if you've got good hair, the world is pretty much your oyster.

And the best bit? There was not a minute wasted.