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Early years

26th Jul 2021

The 5 different cry sounds babies make and how to decipher what they actually want

Have you given this method a go?

A mother recently shared her baby’s cry sounds and what she interprets them to mean on TikTok.

Using the Dunstan Baby Language, Tay Becker says she can decipher what her baby needs based on the cry sounds he makes.

“There are five main sounds babies make and all you have to do is listen for the sounds to figure out what your baby needs,” she says in the clip.

With clips of her own baby, the mother demonstrated the method created by Priscilla Dunstan, an Australian opera singer who used her ear for vocals to research baby noises for eight years.

The method claims the five cry sounds and their meanings are as follows:

Neh = Hungry

Owh = Tired

Eair = Gassy or needs to poo

Eh = Needs to be burped

Heh = Physically uncomfortable, usually a sign they’re either hot, cold, wet or need to be repositioned.

@taybeckerbeautyY’all save this info! Game changer!? #momlife #momhack

♬ original sound – Tay Becker

The Dunstan Baby Language is more of a technique than a language, and supposedly works best for babies three months and under.

Each baby may also “pronounce” each sound a bit differently, so while parents might not be able to tell the difference in another baby’s cries, they’ll likely get to know their own baby’s sounds.

The method has not been scientifically validated, but may provide help to new parents who are struggling.