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Early years

29th Aug 2019

This amazing baby bag allows you to heat bottles on the go and we love it

Melissa Carton

This is a brilliant idea.

There is nothing worse than being stuck for a way to heat up your child’s bottle.

I know that my little girl will not take a nap unless her milk is heated up and she’s not alone as most children are the same.

If you’re a parent that has ever struggled to find a bottle warmer or a microwave when you were travelling or out and about then you are going to love this baby bag!

This fab multi-functional baby changing bag, which is currently on offer on, is the answer to your bottle heating prayers.

The baby bag comes with a USB baby bottle warmer to heat bottles on the go as well as a built-in USB charger, so you can ensure your gadgets never run out of battery.

It also has lots of storage and pockets for all the million and one baby bits we need to bring out with us like nappies, wipes and the kitchen sink.

The baby bag is made from waterproof fabric and available in grey, black, navy, green, red, orange and blue so you can match it to your pram or even your own personal style.

This super handy baby bag usually costs €66.70 but is currently available on Living Social for just €24.99. Giving that it can heat up bottles as well as store all your essentials that really good value.