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02nd Aug 2018

Angela Scanlon shares a powerful message about breastfeeding that all mums will love

Trine Jensen-Burke

It’s World Breastfeeding Week.

A week where we celebrate breastfeeding and breastfeeding mums – and aim to educate parents and prospective parents worldwide about the benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding – for mums and babies – and even the economy and environment.

The focus is also to try to normalize breastfeeding and remove any stigma around it – and increase breastfeeding statistics across the globe.

However, while many mamas (and babies) take to breastfeeding with little or no problems, many other mums struggle and can often be left feeling like failures for not being able to feed their babies the way the wanted. Or left feeling like they are less of mum for deciding against breastfeeding their baby, for whatever reason.

This week, with the hashtag #worldbreastfeedingweek trending across social media, this can feel even harder for mums who bottle-feed.

Which is why we love the Instagram post Angela Scanlon shared yesterday so much, and her message for every mum, no matter what way they feed their babies, that they are enough – in fact, they are all bloody troopers.

Just take a look:

It’s #worldbreastfeedingweek lots of chat about boobs & bonding & nipples & hardship. It was something I was determined to do it, I thought about how idyllic it would be to feed my baby anytime, anywhere. How “natural” it would be, how fabulous I would feel. The reality was so devastatingly different it almost broke me. Labour was tough but at least there was an end in sight, a timeline, the relentlessness of breastfeeding is something noone really talks about. The pressure of feeling like you’re the sole source of life for this brand new baby. The idea that your “inability” to get it, to master that bloody latch means you’re failing. It’s easy to feel the weight of pressure from other people but it’s mostly your own head you battle with. In those dark hours I had random people & close friends message me with a little support or a tip or just a hug & the isolation felt a little less painful. *thank you* I could write a book (I won’t) about the many many layers but all I will say is that, as women, we should be helping each other to make decisions that are right for each of us at the time, without judgement. It’s fucking hard as hell but we can help each other to do it, teach each other & support each other when it doesn’t just *happen* like in those damn videos (finger length nipples are not gifted to every woman!) & to women who choose to not to it or who can’t do it for a while host of reasons, we are all in it together. Whatever works for you, works for the baby. Be kind to all mothers who are bloody knackered & sore & trying their best. And be kind to yourself. You are amazing x END. OF. ESSAY Tag a pal who is a bloody trooper & may just need to be reminded x ? via @palaisdetokyo

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