As a first-time mum, these products made my life a lot easier 4 months ago

As a first-time mum, these products made my life a lot easier

I've been through buying for a baby twice and the second time around I spent a lot less money. 

We still had some bits, like our pram from our first child but with our second child, I knew what was worth buying and what wasn't.

Every parent is different, but if you're baby shopping for the first time and don't know where to start, these are my personal must-haves.

Changing Bag

A changing bag is pretty much a given when you're a parent to a baby or small child.

On my first child, I used the changing bag that came with my pram. Big mistake. No pockets on the inside for storage or on the outside for a bottle. Looking for anything was like a lucky dip, I didn't know if I was going to find Sudocrem or my keys.

The second time around, I decided to be smarter and invest in something that would save me a lot of hassle.

I picked up a nappy bag during Aldi's baby event last year and I love everything from the grey chevron design to the fact that it has a side pocket with a slit so you can quickly access wipes without unnecessary zipping.

It also has a matching changing mat and insulated bottle bag. I love it so much I'm still going to use it as a weekend bag when my daughter outgrows it... a baby wipe pocket can easily become a makeup wipe pocket.

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NEW Perfect Prep Day & Night makes the perfect bottle in just 2 mins! Now sleep friendly with added features, specifically designed to make night feeding so much easier. 🌙😴🍼👶 . . Available in 4 colours to perfectly match your kitchen – Grey, Black, White and Red! 🙌 . · . 📸: · . · . · This Tommee Tippee perfect prep day and night machine is definitely a life changer, it's perfect for when Gus decides he wants to wake up at crazy time in the middle of the night wanting a bottle and it is so dark I can not see but don't want to turn the light on as scared of waking the rest of the house well this machine I don't have to make a bottle completely in the dark as it has its own smart digital screen and the water side that lights up giving me step by step instructions so even for them really sleep deprived nights I don't even have to think about how to make his formula and it does this in just under two minutes, which is ready at correct feeding temperture. Not only just that but it's grey which is my favourite colour if you don't already know, it comes in other very sleek colours too. . @tommeetippeeuk #ad#PerfectPrepdayandnight#Yourdreammachine . . #perfectprep #bottlefeeding #baby #newborn #babygadgets #combinationfeeding #nighttimefeeds#2am #innovation #babyproducts#babyessentials #babyshopping #pregnant#duedate #parenton #parenting#parenthood #mum #dad #gadgets#dadgadgets #gadget

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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

For any parents making bottles, this is a must-have. I would have loved this when I'd had my son six years ago because I really struggled to breastfeed and spent the better part of a year trying to cool boiled water to exactly the right temperature.

The Perfect Prep makes the bottle at exactly the right temperature every time, saving you a lot of hassle when you've got a hungry baby.

I breastfed my daughter for the first few months exclusively so it didn't see much love unless someone was babysitting her. Recently, she transitioned from breast to bottle and I was so used to popping her on the boob that I had to retrain myself in bottle making.

If your baby still wakes for night feeds, it's so handy to have in the bedroom. You can literally roll over and get a bottle going and unlike the dreaded bottle warmer, the water in the Perfect Prep doesn't have as much of a spillage risk.

Pram Organiser

I had a pram organiser from Boots when my son was little and it was such a lifesaver. I gave away baby things to friends and family over the years though and when I became pregnant again, it was long gone.

I had bought my nappy bag while I was pregnant and a couple of weeks after I had my daughter, Aldi had another baby event. Of course, I had to pick up the pram organiser that matched the nappy bag.

I can't recommend a pram organiser highly enough, it made life much easier!


I picked up a Bumbo on sale because my daughter wanted to be on the ground with her brother while he was playing, but I had no idea how much I would grow to love it.

She absolutely hates straps, so trying to keep her contained while I did things around the house was near impossible pre-Bumbo. She would go insane if I tried to strap her into her stroller or highchair but would be a perfect angel if I sat her in the Bumbo.

It's really handy because it's light and very easy to move so whether I'm making dinner or sticking a load in the washing machine, I just plop it down where I need it and she'll sit there happy as can be.

Baby carrier/sling

I've had a baby carrier for both of my kids and would definitely tell any parent-to-be to stick it on the list.

Living in Dublin city centre, I'm on public transport most days but bringing the pram isn't always an option. Buses only allow one buggy at a time which can be awkward if there are a few parents with prams waiting. The Luas then is often squash city and depending on what stop you're waiting at, chances are you won't fit on with a stroller.

This is where the carrier is so handy, as I'm only taking up the same space that I would if I were travelling solo. I'm just a little front heavy.

It's also great for holidays and trips to the beach, extra baby snuggles is a free added bonus.

Pram/stroller insert

This was another item I bought on a whim and I didn't realise it would become indispensable. To be honest, I picked one up in Lidl because it looked cute.

Like most babies, my daughter was always kicking her blanket off and getting it tangled in the front wheels. The insert is attached to the pram by the straps and fastens around the baby with Velcro, doing away with the daily blanket toss.

It also saves a lot of cleaning time. Kid's strollers are disgusting. Usually crammed with crumbs and all sorts of leftover food, it can be a nightmare for parents to clean. Having an insert cuts cleaning time in half as it's removable. You can just pop it off and stick it into the washing machine, so handy.

Formula container

I am the bag lady and the more things I can fit in my bag the better. That's why I loved my formula container.

It's so nifty if you're going to be out and about as pre-made bottles go off really quickly. It's also great if the baby is being babysat, as it means not having to lug the entire tub of formula to the sitter's house with you.

When my son was a baby, it was great for night feeds.

I'd stick in the amount of formula I'd need for a bottle into each compartment before I went to bed. If he woke up during the night, I could trundle down to the kitchen and tip one side of it into a bottle without the need to count scoops. Even though I was a complete zombie, I could still accurately make a bottle. Winning!