Baby's first Christmas: 5 sweet ideas and traditions to start this year 1 year ago

Baby's first Christmas: 5 sweet ideas and traditions to start this year

The thing about first's is that you only get one shot.

Your baby's first Christmas will never happen again, so why not make sure it will be something you will always remember (that's you as in you, by the way, as your baby won't remember a thing, despite all your effort!) and look back at with love. And hey, even if they don't remember the actual event, at least you will have the pictures to prove just how amazing of a Christmas it was.

Here are ten great ideas for that very first December:

1. Start a new tradition

Christmas is all about traditions, and one of the best things about becoming a family is being able to create family traditions of your own, while also carrying on some of the traditions you grew up with. This can be any big or small little thing, like placing certain ornaments where they belong, getting new Christmas pyjamas for the holidays or going for a walk on Christmas Eve to look for Santa. Be creative. Remember these are the traditions your children will love and remember in years to come and will be what they will always connect with family Christmases.

baby's first Christmas

2. Customize baby's Christmas story

There are some great options out there now where you can have your child's name and picture inserted into a book made especially for them. This will be a lovely tradition to start up, and if not a full-on tradition, then at least a lovely keepsake from their very first Christmas.

3. Design a personalized ornament


This can be getting your new baby's name inscribed on a bauble for your tree, or even getting a picture of your bundle printed onto an ornament. Seriously; what could cuter than that sweet little face decorating your tree?!

4. Make baby’s first stocking

Feeling crafty? A homemade stocking will add an extra-special touch to your baby’s first holiday. Just Google “how to DIY a stocking” to find lots of ideas and directions online. Not a pro with a sewing machine? No worries. There are plenty of cute DIY kits that make it super-easy.

5. Make a Christmas time capsule

Keepsake boxes (you can order monogrammed or customized ones from Etsy) are such a cute way to be able to share your baby's first Christmas with your baby as he gets older. Fill the box with mementoes from baby’s first Christmas (think: the holiday card you sent out, wrapping paper or bows from her first gift, photos from the day, the outfit she wore and the note left for Santa). Mark the box with the year and take it out next Christmas and the one after that and the one after that...

How are YOU making baby's first Christmas special? Share your tips and tricks in the comments