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Baby's health

18th Sep 2023

Natural remedies that will help to relieve your baby’s colic

There is nothing worse than hearing your baby scream in pain, and as a parent, you’ll do just about anything to relieve them from whatever is troubling them.

Colic presents in one in five babies and it is the name for a baby who cries excessively and frequently but appears to be otherwise healthy. It is most common during the first 6 weeks of life, just when you’re getting acquainted with parenthood.

It is not known what causes Colic, but there are a number of ways to try and reduce their pain.

Looking to soothe your colicky baby? Here are a number of natural remedies to calm them down.

Warm Bath 

This method is one of the best natural remedies for a colicky baby and offers them relief from gas.

Warm water is effective when it comes to pain respite. Try soaking a towel in warm water, squeezing it and gently rubbing your baby’s tummy with it.


Using the palm of your hand, try massaging your baby’s tummy in a gentle clockwise direction with essential oils to help them pass gas.

Chamomile or lavender essential oils are good to use as they have relaxing and calming properties.

Tummy time

Placing your baby on their tummy, whether across your lap or stomach or on a safe and soft floor mat, may help their pain.

Also try gently rubbing your baby’s back while they lay on their front, as this will help in releasing the gas and at the same time may be comforting.

Besides this, tummy time helps build baby’s strength in their necks and shoulders.


To avoid colic flare-ups later, try to always ensure that your baby is burped soon after every feed, this helps to relieve flatulence and averts the formation of air pockets or gastric bubbles in the tummy.

After you have fed your baby, place them on your shoulder, support their neck and shoulder, and gently pat or rub them until you hear their cute little burp.


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