Beyoncé and Michelle Williams watched Kelly Rowland give birth via Zoom! 1 year ago

Beyoncé and Michelle Williams watched Kelly Rowland give birth via Zoom!

That's friendship right there.

While Destiny's Child went through a couple of incarnations you can't deny that the trio of Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle is the most iconic.

When you think Destiny's Child they are the image that comes straight to mind and it is even more heartwarming that as well as being band mates these girls are also best friends in real life.

Like any true gal pals both Beyoncé and Michelle wanted to be their for Kelly during the recent birth of her second child and they made sure they could by watching the whole birth via Zoom.

In a recent interview Rowland revealed that her former bandmates had her back when she gave birth to her son Noah Jon in January of this year.

According to Rowland both Beyoncé and Michelle were with her every step of the way via Zoom showing her support and in person;


"We had our family join on Zoom. They were able to see Noah come into the world. It was beautiful.

The girls were literally over here at the house just recently and when they met the baby it was like another part of my heart just being able to share space with Michelle and Bey is truly a gift."

When you have just had a new baby there is absolutely no better feeling than knowing you have a shower of love and support around you when describing Michelle and Beyoncé Rowland said they are just awesome.

Rowland is a mother to two children Titan Jewell Weatherspoon and Noah Jon Weatherspoon with her husband Tim Weatherspoon whom she married in 2014.

Most recently Rowland has been working on more music as a solo artist but there's nothing to say that we might not see another Destiny's Child reunion in the near future.