Billie Lourd has just announced the birth of her first child after keeping pregnancy a secret 1 month ago

Billie Lourd has just announced the birth of her first child after keeping pregnancy a secret

We didn't see this news coming at all!

Scream Queens star Billie Lourd today announced the birth of first child after a very private pregnancy.

The 28-year-old had not made it known that she was expecting so fans were both delighted and surprised when she revealed the happy news today.

Lourd posted a photo to Instagram earlier today along with her baby's name;

"Introducing: Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell"

Many comments reflected the shock of this amazing news;

"Wait! You were pregnant?"

"Omg sneak attack!"

"And Billie Lourd just broke the internet. Congrats, Queen."

Lourd has not posted on Instagram since May with the last post she shared dedicated to her late mother, Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher.

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✨💞✨Sending my love to anyone who has lost a mother and anyone who might just be having a complicated Mother’s Day this year. This is my 4th Mother’s Day without my Momby and days like today are never easy, but I’ve found that doing things that make me feel more connected to her make it a little easier - watching her favorite movies, listening to music we listened to together, looking through old pictures and my personal favorite - eating + drinking things she loved. (Today I’m going to watch Postcards from The Edge, listen to Tom Petty + Dire Straits, have a fried mozzarella from La Scala and have a couple Coca-Colas with an aggressive amount of ice). Happy Mother’s Day, but Mother’s Day can be more than just one adjective, so sad Mother’s Day / weird Mother’s Day / funny Mother’s Day / angry Mother’s Day / or any combination of the above. ❤️

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We are absolutely delighted for Billie Lourd and her fiancé Austen Rydell on the birth of their baby boy but also still in complete shock.