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13th Sep 2019

Buy Pampers nappies? All parents should know this handy tip

Melissa Carton

Buy Pampers nappies? All mums should know this handy tip

If your child is currently in size two Pampers, you may want to keep an eye out for this.

Nappies add a significant amount to any new parent’s budget and the last thing you want is to end up with a pack that doesn’t fit your child properly.

One mum spotted something that surprised her while on a regular shopping trip. Not wanting other parents to have a similar problem, this Irish mother sent a photo to NewMammies Ireland pointing out something you may not have noticed before.

Pampers size two nappies apparently come in two different versions. Having bought Pampers before, I have to say I never cottoned on to this.

One packet of the popular brand is smaller than the other, which could mean you end up with nappies that are too small for your baby.

A lot of mums commented on the post to say that this was news to them, while others posted that they had unfortunately realised this after they had purchased them.

One mum thanked the mother who shared the photo and I’m right there with her. My little one is currently in size two nappies so it’s so handy to know that there is a difference.

While I think it’s a good idea to have two versions as some childer are broader than others and need a wider fit, bigger print regarding the sizes on the packaging would definitely be of benefit here.

Fair play to the mum who sent in the photo, I’m sure it will help save a lot of parents hassle in the future.